Birthday card

After some random blogpost I’m back with what I had in mind when I started this blog: CARDS. This is the first birthday card after the holidays so I wanted something colourful and warm.


Most of the time I use 1 or 2 sets, but in this card I used 4 sets! It’s really nice how well they fit together. Here they are (from left to right):


Lawn fawn – So much to say
Gorjuss – The fox
Lawn fawn – Sweater weather
Simon says Stamp! – Handwritten borders

Easy omnom

On New Years Eve we stayed at home with good friends and lots of food. As an appetizer I made these: it’s a puff pastry with anchovies. For our vegetarian guests I replaced the anchovy with Italian dried herbs (Miscuglio from Oil&Vinegar). Easy and fast! If you want to put something homemade on the table but you don’t have a lot of time, this is perfect!


  1. unroll your puff pastry dough (I bought mine premade, but you can make it from scratch if you want) on baking paper
  2. poke some holes in the dough with a fork
  3. cut the dough in long strips, cut the large strips horizontal again
  4. open the anchovies and place one on every strip (or sprinkle dried herbs instead)
  5. glaze the top with a beaten egg
  6. heath the oven to 220°C, bake the strips for 30min until the dough is puffed and golden brown
  7. let it cool down and enjoy!

New Year

First of all: have a happy New Year! I wish you all the best for 2015! My holidays were really fun but so busy, that’s why it was so quiet here (so sorry). Now that everything is back to normal, I can focus more on blogging!

New Year = new resolutions, so here is my list:

  • get out of my comfortzone-wardrobe (it’s so easy to wear the same outfits, but I want to try something different)
  • blog, blog, blog, blog, blog …
  • enjoy every little thing in my life (and take pictures of it)
  • make enough time for friends and family
  • have a trip or vacation
  • be more creative en make stuff (gonna be hard because TS4 is coming out on Mac)
  • find new ways to get my students creative
  • eat healthier (I already failed this one)
  • less thinking, more doing!

Oh well, 2015 will have to be twice as long as 2014 was …


Homemade X-mas Cards

Homemade Christmas cards: check! I only wish I started earlier! That’s why I couldn’t share them until now. If you have a question on how it was made or which stamps I used, feel free to leave a comment. I learned a lot from a great Youtuber: K Werner Design, check out her work here. Enjoy the result and have an awesome Christmas! For next year: I’ll start earlier!

IMG_20141221_154227IMG_20141221_154239Xmasdetail2 Xmasdetail

Pop-up card

Little girls grow up, before you know you are making another birthday card. I found this interesting tutorial on Youtube, which really inspired me … so I got to work immediately. You don’t require a lot of equipment: some cardstock and assitate (overhead projector sheets). Personally I used the “Cake & Candles” stampset from Avery Elle to give it a birthday theme. Because I don’t have a balloon punch, I carved my own stamp design in some rubber using linoleum knives. Look at the awesome result!




My recent favorite thing to do (when I have the time) is cardmaking. I love making cards for birthdays, baby showers, holidays and so on. A card is something that I always forgot to buy and then rushed to the supermarket before a birthday party. With a graphic design background and lots of great cardmakers on Youtube I started making my own. I think a homemade, personal card means so much more than a bought one.

I will post the cards that I make on this blog, if you have any questions, feel free to ask! I hope you will enjoy these tips and tricks.


Best dessert ever!

When we get tired and annoyed of shopping the best thing to do is: sit down, relax and have a great dessert! And this one is! At the bottom there are cold apple pieces (pre-cooked in sugar water) coverd with vanilla custard and meringue. The lemon zest makes it al come together: sweet, sour and fresh! Rush to “Smaaksalon” in Hasselt (BE). Also enjoy the beautiful building!

IMG_20141122_150640-2 IMG_20141122_151122~2

Little miss Clumsy

It is sad, but sometimes pretty things fall to the ground. When one of my pretty mugs break, I find it to hard to dispose of them. I have kept them in a cupboard for months and I finally found some use for them. Meet my new plant pots, they fit perfectly!