My recent favorite thing to do (when I have the time) is cardmaking. I love making cards for birthdays, baby showers, holidays and so on. A card is something that I always forgot to buy and then rushed to the supermarket before a birthday party. With a graphic design background and lots of great cardmakers on Youtube I started making my own. I think a homemade, personal card means so much more than a bought one.

I will post the cards that I make on this blog, if you have any questions, feel free to ask! I hope you will enjoy these tips and tricks.


Best dessert ever!

When we get tired and annoyed of shopping the best thing to do is: sit down, relax and have a great dessert! And this one is! At the bottom there are cold apple pieces (pre-cooked in sugar water) coverd with vanilla custard and meringue. The lemon zest makes it al come together: sweet, sour and fresh! Rush to “Smaaksalon” in Hasselt (BE). Also enjoy the beautiful building!

IMG_20141122_150640-2 IMG_20141122_151122~2

Little miss Clumsy

It is sad, but sometimes pretty things fall to the ground. When one of my pretty mugs break, I find it to hard to dispose of them. I have kept them in a cupboard for months and I finally found some use for them. Meet my new plant pots, they fit perfectly!